I’ve come to enjoy recording my podcast regularly again. And I look forward to sitting down with someone every week (at least) to talk about their journey to wherever they are today, be that a voluntaryist or an unschooler.

I haven’t had nearly enough guests of the latter variety for my liking and hope to change that in the future.

I’ve also, for the very first time, interviewed a friend who is no longer a political ally. That was something new, and fun.

I am much more open today with discussing ideas on my podcast with which I disagree. My goal is to allow my guest to undress, as it were, and reveal themselves to the world in all their nakedness, be it beautiful, or disturbingly hideous.

Whether we agree or not, you want to tell the story of your political or parenting journey, or you just want to discuss a random topic of interest, you are hereby invited to join me on the EVC podcast. To do so, click here to schedule either an afternoon time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, or a late evening time on Wednesdays. If none of these times work and you’d really like to participate, contact me directly to find something agreeable.

(I will assist with the necessary software installation if we are chatting over the Internet. All you need is a microphone and headphones. Windows preferred, but not required. I will confirm our conversation topic in advance of recording.)

Please don’t be shy! I promise to help you feel comfortable and have a good time. You can listen to example episodes in the “Toward Freedom” or “Conversations” podcast series.

Let’s do this!